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AMA Akron Martial Arts, LLC, Martial Arts, Akron, OH

Every student that walks into our school is treated as an individual; we train to your abilities and will be with you each step of the way! We will help each student build the confidence and self-esteem to be successful in your journey.

This program is designed for Teen and Adult students, both Men and Women. We provide an informative and friendly atmosphere. Regardless of your age, ability, and physical condition, everyone can enjoy and benefit from training Martial Arts.

Our programs are a good mix of martial arts. Our base is Taekwondo and Kick Boxing, but you will learn different Martial Arts techniques to help you be well rounded in Self-Defense. Physical Fitness and Conditioning are benefits of Martial Arts training. You will enjoy well rounded classes with motivated Instructors and students!

We have personally seen many success stories from our Teen and Adult students that have joined our program. Teen students deal with the challenges of High School, or College. Adult's have many many things on their daily plates. But with our programs we have been able to encourage, guide, gain the tools needed to help each student achieve, and over come! This is truly something you can benefit from and enjoy for a life time!

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