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AMA Akron Martial Arts, LLC, Martial Arts, Akron, OH

Our Black Belt Program is designed for all students. You do not have to have a martial arts background, or have special talents; this is for everyone. This will be the start of the path to Black Belt. All the classes are balanced with Life Skills, self-defense, and fitness. Our goal at Akron Martial Arts is to give you personal quality instruction. Our instructors and staff want to help you reach personal goals and learn to be the best you can be so you can be successful in whatever your life's journey is.

All students will learn Self-Defense techniques, Bully Prevention, Situational Awareness, Stranger Danger, and when these situations will need to be applied. Physical action is the last resort, but having the Confidence that you can deal with situations is the GOAL! You can use this Confidence and apply it in all parts of your life, school, work, community, and home.

Ages 3 1/2 years and up.

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