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AMA Akron Martial Arts, LLC, Martial Arts, Akron, OH

      This program is designed for ages 7 to 12. Kids at these ages are faced with stresses of school work, socializing with other kids, and decisions they have to make. Schools have been cutting down recess time, and gym classes. This does not allow them to relieve these stresses on a daily basis. Martial Arts will help them build the Confidence, Self- Esteem, and let them get the exercise they and their body needs.

      Classes are designed to challenge students both physically and mentally. We understand each students learning abilities, and physical abilities are different. We teach our students to be the best they can be! Not only do we focus on the physical side of the Martial Arts, but also focus on the student as a whole. We like to see our students be successful in everything they do!

     Our curriculum is very diverse and balanced. Students will learn Taekwondo, Self-Defenses, and Physical Fitness. We also discuss “Situational Awareness”, “Stranger Danger”, “Bully Prevention”, and different ways to deal with “Bully's”, We want our students to focus on the importance of learning and using Life Skills.

     We have found when students have joined our programs they tend to have better grades, be more confident, and have successful skills to help them with the challenges of school, and the daily challenges they face. Attitude, Self-Control, Dedication, Self-Discipline, Self-Esteem, these are a few of the words they learn to apply in our programs.

     Upon completion of the Kids program the student will graduate into our Teen/Adult program. This is determined by age and maturity level.

KIDS 7 to 12 years Get Started “Sir/Ma'am  Each day I will live by honoring my parents and instructors practicing to the best of my ability and having courtesy and respect for everyone I meet.” Kids Oath