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AMA Akron Martial Arts, LLC, Martial Arts, Akron, OH

“As the mother of two teenage boys I can tell you that our experience at AMA has been great. My husband and I did quite a bit of research on other programs before deciding on AMA. Our deciding factors were, atmosphere (relaxed), people (friendly clientele and instructors), instructor experience (2nd, 3rd & 4th degree black belts), price, and last but not least, by a long shot, they focused on the whole child/person. This was exactly what my boys needed, help with focusing on school and home, confidence building, self esteem building and of course energy release by learning self defense. This is their third year with AMA. They are now in leadership and would like to become instructors as well.”


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“First and foremost, I would like to say, I never thought at my age I would be able to make it this far in martial arts. To my surprise, our family here at Akron Martial Arts has helped me in obtaining better confidence in myself and has had major beneficial impacts on my health and spirit while also training me in the core principles of self-defense.

In the beginning, I chose AMA for the simple fact that they were always family oriented. This school helps the family unit as a whole achieve a better way of life together. The longer I attended AMA as a martial arts student, the more I respected the principals of the school. One of the things I love most about our school is the belief in teaching children, as well as some adults, life skills first, such as confidence, self-esteem, finding who they are as an individual and discipline. Having a main focus on life skills, the instructors then teach self-defense and awareness of their surroundings.

Before and after I began classes at AMA, I had suffered numerous health problems, including heart disease, which I thought would keep me from excelling in martial arts. Our instructors and family at our school were not only accepting of my health, but helped me gain the strength to persevere in spite of my age and condition my body was in. This school accepts you as an individual and works with you on your own abilities.

In short, I thought, “No way could I do what these guys do! I am old, overweight, and have a list of health problems! How could I manage to do what they do?!” Well, I was wrong! Akron Martial Arts changed my physical and mental state and made me confident in who I am and what I can do. Since starting my new life as a martial arts student, I have changed my attitude on life, my eating habits my activity level, and my health has rapidly gotten better. AMA saved my life!

I do and always will highly recommend this school to anyone of my age or any ability!”


“When I first stopped in to meet DJ and see what programs Karate Kids had to offer I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I knew I wanted to put my daughter Kaylee into a program that instilled core values such as discipline, manners, self esteem, self confidence, loyalty, and trust. I being a police officer I see a lot of violence. I see children daily who are victims of bullying, harassment, and violence themselves. My biggest challenge as a parent is keep Kaylee safe, and instill values early to prepare her for the world that we live in. To me Kaylee’s success, health, and safety are the most important things in my life. Needless to say DJ had big shoes to fill. After meeting him and talking with him I signed her up. After one 30 minute class I was sold! I wasn’t sold on a price or a service provided. I was sold on this school becoming a part of Kaylee’s life. Within a month I signed myself up for classes. I also was sold on this school becoming a part of my life. Kaylee began learning so many new concepts not just physically. She became more dedicated in school. Her manners, and respect for others improved even more. She believes in herself and really enjoys her classes. I have also learned a lot of new concepts physically, and mentally. I have learned more about my capabilities physically which does directly benefit in my job. Mentally I have learned different ways to approach certain situations. I have a much better balance in my life, and I see the same balance in Kaylee’s life. I love what this school offers and teaches. I love that its truly a family outside of the biological dynamic. Kaylee and I’s Journey has only just begun with the AMA and DJ. I can not wait to see what our future holds for us, and everyone in the AMA family. DJ and the AMA school has more than filled those shoes I mentioned earlier.”


“After visiting many other martial arts studios in this area, we made the decision to come to this one. We made this choice based on many factors like discipline, structure, accountability, attitude, and programs offered.

This studio does not just hand out belts to their students. The students here must prove to the instructors that they are ready to test for their next belt level by not only performing their “form” during the training cycle, but by also showing up to classes on time and performing at the best of their abilities during class. This, in my opinion, not only teaches the kids/students accountability, but teaches life lessons like confidence, perseverance, and dedication.

Many of the studios that we visited, we saw kids just running around or doing whatever they wanted to do. The instructors here are strict but extremely fair with students. The students are held accountable for their actions during class, but at the same time the instructors understand that not every child is the same when it comes to attention span, following directions, etc.

In the few years that we’ve been coming here, we have never seen any instructor have to raise their voice or yell at any student. Instructors here have a great ability to talk to the students (no matter how old or young) and explain to the student why they should do something even though it’s not very interesting to them.

The students are taught about team work. If a student is unable to perform any kind of block/strike/move then the class will work together until everyone is caught up on what they are learning. On many occasions we have seen other students that have asked to help out a fellow student that may have missed classes because of being sick or on vacation. We believe that this is a great trait to learn because learning to help others out can be used any time in life.

The instructors were another major factor on why we chose to come here. The instructors are extremely skilled not only in the world of martial arts, but also when it comes to working with individuals or groups. The instructors use positive reinforcement instead of negative. Another great skill that the instructors have is the ability to simplify not only martial art moves but life lessons that everyone can understand no matter the age, without making others feel belittled or inferior.

Students are taught that everything is not a competition and that lesson is transitioned into the area when parents site while classes are going on. All of the parents get along great and you never hear “my child is better than yours” or anything negative. Everything that is taught in this studio is positive.

Another great thing about this studio is the “leadership” program they offer. Some students that have shown drive, determination, discipline, are selected into the “leadership” program. That program helps out by building even more confidence and determination. They also get to train with more weapons, learn grappling and learn more advanced martial arts. Most importantly the students in the leadership program are taught what it means to be a leader in class and in life.”

                                                                  Mike,Cuyahoga Falls

“I have two sons, Luc who is 7 and Mathew who is 8 years old. We have been with AMA Karate since April 2012 only because of how the staff provides an environment that builds self-esteem and confidence for every type of child while learning self-defense. AMA has treated my autistic son like every other child in class with more patience than I could ever hope for and has added structure to our family with the added discipline my boys have acquired from their talks with DJ. We have learned so much from AMA staff and consider them a part of our family now.”

                                                     Tommy and Jill,Akron

“Akron Martial Arts has been a great place for my family. Nearly four years ago I walked through the doors with my son. After visiting numerous schools in the area we had settled on AMA thanks to Mr. Wesie. My son was so shy he wouldn’t even stand on the mat by himself and I had to take class with him. The instructors worked with him and soon he asked if it would be ok if he took class by himself.

 Sure enough he went through Tiny Tigers and Karate Kids and tested for his black belt all by himself in front of everyone. Watching his growth and the wonderful instructors and leaders my daughter and I got involved in taking classes. I too achieved my black belt! Akron Martial Arts has become part of our family. I can’t imagine a better place to be. The instructors and facilities are second to none.”


“When my daughter was going into the 6th grade her grades were bad and then I heard about some girls that was going to jump her. So at that point I started looking into some martial art schools from the first time I talked with the staff I knew this is where she needed to be it’s been almost 5 yrs now her grades are great and she knows how to handle a bully. Her confidence and her self-esteem are great. If she is having a problem or her grades slip I pick up the phone and make a call to to DJ. He will have a little talk with her and problem solved it’s so great to have her look up to someone like him. Not only does he have kids of his own but every single kid in his school he treats as if they were his. He’s never too busy to talk to you or your kids this is very important to me when you have a problem. I’m so glad we made that choice to be a part of AMA. We plan to be a part of that family for a very long time.”


“Since I started at AMA I have developed a new sense of confidence that I never had before. It is empowering as a female to know that if I needed to defend myself. I could. My three year old is part of the tiny tigers and has learned how to focus and follow directions better. It is also a great way to keep her active! The atmosphere is relaxed. The staff is friendly and the curriculum is well rounded. Highly recommend!”