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AMA Akron Martial Arts, LLC, Martial Arts, Akron, OH

Women's Class

Do you feel CONFIDENT that if you had to protect yourself and your loved ones you could?

This class will be for Adult Women ages 15 and up.

This class is designed to help you answer that question with a YES! In this class you will have a mix of exercise, kick boxing, and self defenses. Also classes will be part scenario based training going over the " What if this happens" and topics on Situational Awareness.

You will learn how to effectively strike, where to strike, and what to strike in Self- Defense. You will be shown ways to limit your chances of becoming a victim, and how to identify possible unsafe situations.

This class will be taught by our Female Black Belt Instructors with many years of Martial Arts experience between them. Their mission is to have a relaxed learning environment so you can build your Confidence and Self- Esteem.

You WILL have a lot of FUN and glad you joined this class!

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